"I love learning!" - Sahira

"Our teachers help us when we get stuck." - Faiyaz

"Learning is always fun in our lessons." - Madihah

"I enjoy our times tables challenges." - Mohibur

"I like all the different sports we try in our games lessons." - Najiya

"Writing in English helps us be creative and imaginative." - Lima

"We have lots of different clubs which are lots of fun!" - Riyaad

The Harmony Trust


The Harmony Trust is a multi-academy and school led organisation based in Oldham.  The Trust was set up in February 2014, in consultation with the Department of Education.  With its core aim being to raise attainment in local schools.


The Harmony Trust has the highest aspirations for its pupils, parents and staff members.  We work hard to ensure that every child achieves.



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