"I love learning!" - Sahira

"Our teachers help us when we get stuck." - Faiyaz

"Learning is always fun in our lessons." - Madihah

"I enjoy our times tables challenges." - Mohibur

"I like all the different sports we try in our games lessons." - Najiya

"Writing in English helps us be creative and imaginative." - Lima

"We have lots of different clubs which are lots of fun!" - Riyaad

Our Curriculum


We aim to provide an excellent education for our children, which develops the highest possible standards.  We have an INSPIRE curriculum written by the academy. Everything your child does in our academy is part of this curriculum.  The total learning experience is designed to maximise achievement within the National Curriculum and develop skills, attitudes and attainment in the widest sense.


The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum requires that children will be taught the following subjects:

Core Subjects                         

Maths, English, Science, Computing and R.E

Foundation subjects               

History, Geography, Technology, Art, Music,  Physical Education, P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education), MFL (modern foreign languages)

We teach each of the National Curriculum subjects through a topic or theme. The themes reflect the children's interests and aim to inspire the children to learn. 


Children have access to a range of technology such as laptops, ipads used in classrooms or by working in the Computer Suite. Our children are taught computing skills in a structured and progressive way.


For an overview of our curriculum please click on one of the following links.

Curriculum Overview by Subject






Design and Technology



Modern Foreign Languages

Personal, Social and Health Education

Physical Education

Religious Education

Cross-Curricular Links


Curriculum Overview by Year Group



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


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