"I love learning!" - Sahira

"Our teachers help us when we get stuck." - Faiyaz

"Learning is always fun in our lessons." - Madihah

"I enjoy our times tables challenges." - Mohibur

"I like all the different sports we try in our games lessons." - Najiya

"Writing in English helps us be creative and imaginative." - Lima

"We have lots of different clubs which are lots of fun!" - Riyaad

Home Learning


Every week our children receive homework to support their learning. We encourage all our children to do their homework and provide additional support for those who need it.


Some children have user accounts for these websites which they can access at home for further learning.

I Am Learning

I Am Learning

Active Learn

Abacus Active Learn Online

 TT Rockstars

There are some other useful websites that can be used to help learning at home why not try one by clicking on the links below.

Practise your English with the British Council

Try some Maths games at Cool Maths Games

Find out about Science with the Children's University of Manchester

Infants can learn with the BBC at BBC Bitesize KS1

Juniors can learn with the BBC at BBC Bitesize KS2


Reading at home is also very important as it is a skill that can be used across the whole curriculum. Please try to read every day.


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