"I love learning!" - Sahira

"Our teachers help us when we get stuck." - Faiyaz

"Learning is always fun in our lessons." - Madihah

"I enjoy our times tables challenges." - Mohibur

"I like all the different sports we try in our games lessons." - Najiya

"Writing in English helps us be creative and imaginative." - Lima

"We have lots of different clubs which are lots of fun!" - Riyaad

Our Partnership


Our parents promise to:

  • Make sure that their child attend our academy on time every day, ready to learn.
  • Send their child to the academy with the right uniform and PE kit.
  • Make sure that their child always does their homework.
  • Encourage their child to have high standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Let the academy know if there are any problems which may affect their child's learning.
  • Join in with academy life - read letters, attend parents meetings, attend activity sessions.


Our pupils promise to:

  • Be kind to others and behave well.
  • Listen to teachers and work hard.
  • Tell an adult about any worries.
  • Wear the academies uniform.
  • Come to our academy everyday and on time.
  • Be proud of themselves, their teachers and their academy.


Mrs Hainsworth and all the academy staff promise to:

  • Keep children safe.
  • Give children an excellent education.
  • Provide a beautiful environment and equipment.
  • Encourage healthy food.
  • Help every child who needs it.
  • Tell parents how their children are doing.


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